About this blog

About this blog

This blog aims at disseminaton of information in Elglish about Moldovan residential system. It is made and updated to clarify the present situation of orfans, destituted children and children with special needs that are living in boarding schools across Moldova.

About the autor


Vladimir Paraschiv

Studies: Cazanesti orphanage, Balti Polytechnic College, State University of Moldova, IAP Liechtenstein (MA&PhD in Philosophy).

Work experience: NGOs, Makler, Moldcell, Montel Liechtenstein (now Orange), Consulate of Luxembourg in Liechtenstein, USAID LGRP, UNICEF Moldova.

Volunteering: The NGO „Banner of Peace”, Hilfswerk Liechtenstein , Swiss „Help for children in Need”, Cazanesti orphanage.

My personal blog vparaschiv.wordpress.com.

My email: v.paraschiv@yahoo.com

2 Responses to About this blog

  1. Jon Merryman spune:

    Greetings! I see that the last article you have about reducing the number of orphans in institutions was in 2006. Do you have any information about current status on that topic? We are getting some word that 4 orphanages closed recently and interested to know what the current status of this project is.

    Thank you for your time!

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