Moldova to reduce the number of institutionalized children

International experts recommend Moldova reduce number of institutionalized children

Chisinau-07.12.2006/09:17:45/(BASA-general) International experts recommend Moldova to reduce the number of children who ended up boarding schools and children’s homes after their parents left to work abroad.

The recommendations were formulated in a public session of the Committee for Human Rights held Wednesday within the UNDP project for implementing the National Action Plan on Human Rights in Moldova (2004 – 2008).

According to the UNICEF Moldova representative, Ray Virgilio Torres, Chisinau authorities should consolidated their efforts with a view to reduce poverty level, prevent violence against children, and give up using freedom privation in case of minors in conflict with the law. „Statistic data show that 40 per cent of children were subject to physical abuse, and 8 per cent are subject to sexual abuse. In many cases violence against children in applied repeatedly”, stated Torres.

The cited source specified that „there are more poor children (34.5%) than poor adults in Moldova, and the more children are there in a family, the poorer they are. Around 35 thousand school children remained at home without parents as a result of their migration abroad”.

Present at the event, the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Justice communicated that no complaints have been filed this year regarding use of physical force or torture against children in penitentiary institutions. „In case of being imprisoned, a child loses only his/her right to freedom, all the other rights are guaranteed to him/her”, say Moldovan officials.

Stefan Secareanu, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights, stated for the press that children’s rights are a sensitive subject matter for any society. „Government reports denote that the required conditions regarding children’s rights and legislation observance were carried out in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, international organizations say that the number of institutionalized children and the cases of violence against children denote a pragmatic situation”, the cited source specified.

According to the National Center for Prevention of Abuse against Children data, each year around 100 children subject to violence requested for assistance services, and the number of cases of sexual abuse is increasing. Children between 4 and 11 years old are the ones most often exposed to sexual abuse.


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