Forum of Organizations of Women … Cazanesti Orphanage

Forum of Organizations of Women from the Republic of
Moldova helps the orphans from Cazanesti

„the Forum of Organizations of Women from the Republic of
Moldova has organized lectures, seminars, trainings and has carried out charity
activities: rendering assistance to women, orphans and children from vulnerable
families, as well as to elderly. Cloths, shoes, underwear, books, food, toys, money
were given to children from:

Orphanage “Isus”, the Children’s hostel from Chisinau;

Special schools from Ialoveni, Straseni; orphanage from the village of

Children’s hostel from the village of Ghiliceni, the tuberculosis health unit
from Chisinau;

Boarding school from the village of Congaz;

6 kindergartens of family type from Stefan Voda, Cahul and Causeni;

Kindergarten no. 167 for children with hearing deficiencies from Chisinau.”


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