Chisinau-20.06.2006/16:11:50/(BASA-general) Twenty-nine new-borns have been abandoned in maternities and hospitals in Chisinau in the first five months of this year, BASA learned from Mariana Derjavin from the municipal directorate for the protection of child�s rights.

Derjavin said that most of mothers who abandon their babies are students or unmarried women and cannot afford to grow them up. „Some of the women have abandoned their children by escaping from maternities; others did not come back though they said that they want the state to look after their babies in the first three months of life,” she added.

Contacted by BASA, Eugenia Goncear, director of the National Adoption Committee of the government, said that the committee registered 28 children adopted by Moldovan couples last year and eight children were adopted by families from the United States, Switzerland and France.

According to a study on abandonment of children in Moldova, which the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education carried out in August 2005 with the financial assistance of UNICEF, at least one child under 7 years is abandoned in Moldova every day, mostly in the first days of life. Further, every third abandoned child is quitted by his parents in the first four days of life, while each 5th woman who abandons her baby gives birth for the first time. Two out of three women who abandon their children do not have husbands.

Further, nine out of 10 children under 7 who are abandoned in maternities, hospitals, etc., have living parents, but their parents will never take care of them because of the lack of family reintegration and family support services.

The study comprises some recommendations on prevention of abandonment and reduction of the number of little children placed in institutions, including services and training of professional social assistants, identification of families facing a risk of abandonment and providing of necessary support tp these families, access of youths to life skill education, prevention of unwanted pregnancies, opening of friendly centres for youths and encouragement of couples to adopt children.


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